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Bolton Man and Van Service Will Help  You Move Garden Furniture

Using A Bolton Man and Van for Moving the Garden Furniture is your best bet – not all Bolton Man with Van Services will  want to move furniture that has been left outside in the garden for a long while – but we will!

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It’s all very well to focus on packing all the furniture within the house but don’t forget that most houses will also have furniture in the garden and your barbecue and picnic furniture needs to be packed and removed appropriately too.

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One of our previous Bolton Man and Van customers completely forgot to take anything from the downstairs toilet, just forgot it existed. Of course, there wasn’t a lot of furniture in there but it was frustrating to have to buy a new towel rail and toilet brush. This is a scenario I can imagine happening in the garden.

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Depending what season you are moving in, it might be that you have packed away all of your garden furniture for the colder weather and you will have it all covered when you empty the garage. However, if this is the case then you will need to still do a cursive garden sweep because it might be that something missed the winter gathering.

Use A Bolton Man And Van to Move Garden Furniture
Use A Bolton Man And Van to Move Garden Furniture

If you are packing up your garden furniture from the garden then your Bolton Man and Van service will ask you to think about protecting it from the elements for at least the night before the move. Having a wet bench in the same lorry as cardboard boxes, which are – by their nature – far from waterproof, could be catastrophic. You could do this by getting proper garden furniture covers or just covering them with plastic sheeting or tarpaulin. You could even risk not protecting them and get up early and go into the garden with a towel. However, something tells me you will not have the time to spare, on the big day, to be hand drying garden furniture.
Before you do protect it, find the time to give it a good clean. Especially if the furniture is a little older then it might have some stains, mould or damp patches on it. It may even be growing small patches of fungus that could rub off onto other items of furniture in the move. Even though everything that it will touch will probably be protected in its own way, the move is a good opportunity to get everything in a really good shape. This means your local Bolton Man with a Van can deliver everything to your new home  sparkling like new too.

Bolton man and van service Moving the Garden Furniture
Bolton man and van service Moving the Garden Furniture

A lot of garden furniture requires some self-assembly when it is originally purchased. This means that it can also be disassembled.

Our Bolton Man van service can do this for you – If you are struggling for space in the lorry then anything that can be flattened should be flattened. However, with garden furniture, this requires a greater level of attention than your flat pack bookcase. In the elements, some of the joints of fixtures may have seized up.

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Use a lubricating agent to try and loosen them or perhaps rub vinegar on them if rust is the reason that your screw won’t budge. However, don’t force it beyond reason. A certain amount of force will be necessary because you must have used force to tighten it in the first place or it would have fallen apart by now. But, perished external fixtures might mean that there is damage internally and you don’t want to be trying to unscrew a joint so hard that all the wood around it buckles and splinters. The damage is far more likely to become irreparable here and then you can’t take the furniture with you anyway.
Hopefully, this will prove helpful in your on-going Bolton Man and Van moving dilemmas. The key thing is to remember that garden furniture can’t be treated like indoor furniture and neither can it be left behind.
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